The right automobile

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What makes the right car for you? Some people are all about performance, and they like fast cars that will get them where they want to go in record time. Others are a bit more on the safe side and are into cars that pass all security and road safety tests with flying colors. Others are into a different kind of performance – mileage and cost-effectiveness for example are factors that a lot more people take into account nowadays. Others even like the eco-friendly approach and are all about hybrids and cars with low emissions, no matter what the performance loss might be. And others still, a vast majority which includes many of the above, consider value. Whether you’re buying a used BMW or a brand new Honda, value isn’t directly related to how much it will cost, or at least it’s not just that. It’s how much the car will cost to purchase, of course, but also how much it will cost to keep him running. Some cars may be more expensive but allow you to save on taxes or insurance. Others may be cheaper but lack the modern fuel efficiency systems that make cars go so far on so little fuel. No matter what you choose, make sure it’s the right thing for your lifestyle and your wallet as well.

Renault exports “Joie de Vivre”

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Renault are attempting to bring a slice of French chic to Britain with their new Megane Experiment. The idea behind the experiment is to compare the sleepy Lancashire town of Gisburn with the arguably more stylish town of Menton on the Côte d’Azur – and ultimately discover whether or not the new Megane can change a town for the better.

Conducting the investigation is our French friend Claude, who himself hails from Menton. After meeting and greeting the Gisburn residents, Claude sets about explaining how the whole town could benefit from a little extra “Joie de Vivre”. The key indicator used for the test is the local rates of fertility in towns – and Claude is quick to reveal towns with more Meganes have higher fertility rates.

Renault have also set up a microsite, where the whole documentary can be viewed. Directed by Oscar-nominated director Henry-Alex Rubin, the program is certainly well constructed, not to mention very funny in places – some of the residents are equally as forthcoming as Claude with some of their own opinions on French culture! In these entertaining video clips tasters, you can see Claude busy at work charming the people of Gisburn, as well as offering them a test drive in his smart new Renault Megane.

Car Search Results

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Importing a vehicle is no easy matter. If you don’t know all the rules and regulations, you will be stuck. This is where the international import and export businesses come into play. People who love cars are always searching for that next dream car, and having a helping hand is a big deal. If you are on a search for a special car, take a look at one of these websites and see what they offer.

There are a lot of companies and websites you can visit and take a look at their roster of vehicles. They can take care of all the paperwork that goes along with importing a car. They can also arrange for the needed registration for where you live.

The Internet makes this all possible and searching for a particular car, boat or motor cycle is easily done. Do your search today and see what results you find. The whole process is easy since you will have help through every step. If you love cars, you will find the help you get well worth it.