Communication Methods Evolve

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Communications is a dynamic process that has morphed over the course of time. Early communication may have been a simple series of noises designed to get the other parties attention and little more. The possibility that nonverbal cues were used prior to oral communication is very real. A poke or shove may have been the best available option for individuals trying to get their point across. Once the notion of specific commands occurred to early hominids, it most likely led to the development of primitive languages. The scope of consideration was limited within these early bipeds so it was not as though there were thousands of things to talk about. A handful of basic commands and responses would be a handy addition to their lives no doubt, but they were not contemplative in nature so deep reflective concepts were generally not expressed verbally.

When we are sitting around the campfire in our fleeces and wellies, we seldom consider the role of fire in early civilizations. Long distance communication was made possible by an emerging technology called combustion. Fire produces a smoke plume that extends great distances into the sky. The calmer the condition, the more likely a smoke plume is to head straight up into the heavens. The distance at which such a fire might be detected is astonishing. Early civilizations manipulated the smoke flow in the plume to signal each other from great distances. Long bursts and short puffs could be created in a Morse code manner by covering the fire alternately with a bison hide.

Investing In DVD Duplication Services

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DVD duplication services have become a large industry with the growth in popularity of the DVD. It seems that there isn’t a home around these days where there isn’t a DVD player so one way of getting your message to people is to use DVD’s creating a need for a DVD duplication services. A service that is becoming increasingly important in today’s world.

A great example of this is with the holiday industry. You can often send off for more information and as well as a number of booklets you will often also get a DVD that shows you in pictures where you will be staying. It is a great way to show the inside of the rooms, the attractions and the general countryside where you will be staying. This wouldn’t be possible without the DVD duplication services that are now available.

So if you are in a position where you need DVD’s to get a message over to your customers then DVD duplication services are definitely the thing for you. It is a process that is quick, simple and can be done at a relatively low price and in very high numbers. Ultimately it is a very cost effective way to advertise your company and that will be good for business.

Bourbon Cocktails

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Bourbon is a type of whiskey made primarily from corn. It was named after Bourbon County, Kentucky where it was first produced in the 18th Century. Eighty percent of the world’s supply of bourbon is still produced in Kentucky today. According to federal law bourbon must be made from a mash containing at least 51% corn, and different varieties and brands also add varying amounts of wheat and rye. Bourbon is required to be aged for a minimum of two years, although most brands are actually aged between four and twelve years in barrels made of white oak. Traditionally bourbon is served straight over ice, but in recent years it has become more common to mix it into cocktails.

The most popular bourbon cocktail is the mint julep. The mint julep has been associated with the Kentucky Derby since 1938 when they started serving them at Churchill Downs. More than 120,000 mint juleps are served every year at the derby. Mint juleps are made with spearmint leaves, bourbon, sugar and water. The mint and sugar are mixed in the bottom of the cup in order to bruise the mint leaves and release the mint oils. Then bourbon is added and the mixture is strained into a julep cup. The last step is to add ice and a small amount of water, then finally a mint sprig is included as a garnish.

Other popular bourbon cocktails include a Bourbon Sour, which is made with bourbon, lemon juice and sugar. A Louisville Cooler is bourbon mixed with orange juice, lime juice powdered sugar and ice. A Rebel Yell is a cocktail that originated in Kentucky that is made with bourbon, Triple Sec, lemon juice and an egg white poured over ice. A Kentucky B & B is bourbon mixed with Benedictine. Of course, many people prefer to drink bourbon simply mixed with some water and ice, and possibly a slice of lemon.