Best Industries to Work For

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Men are usually tasked with providing for the whole family and even though more women are taking over this responsibility, it is still an awkward and an undesirable situation for a man to be unemployed. With the global recession making it even more difficult to find and hold on to a job, men should consider choosing a career in industries that are known for riding out economic downturns. Here are some of them.

1. Pharmaceutical and medical supplies industries. Everything that has something to do with health will always thrive. People require medicines and will get sick no matter what situation the global economy is in.

2. Food manufacturing. Just like drugs and medical supplies, food is a necessity that people will spend money on no matter how little they have to spend.

3. Entertainment industry. Surprising though as this might sound, the worse the economy is doing, the more people go to movies, the theater and watch TV. It is their way of forgetting for an hour or so the difficulties of life and entertainment is always a preferable way to do so.

4. Information technology. No one can imagine a world without IT. Businesses and individuals all rely on this sector for their day to day activities and it has proven to be a recession-proof industry.

How Men Can Make the Best Out of Working for a Female Boss

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Some men are still left in the Dark Ages that they cannot abide to being ordered by a female boss. If this is how you react to a similar situation, then you’re in big trouble since more and more companies have women in top management levels. If you’re not too sure how to behave under such circumstances, here are some tips.

1. Focus on her performance instead of her gender. You should never deny a person his or her dues. Your boss merits respect and loyalty, particularly if she’s doing a fine job.

2. Watch your words. There are jokes and words that will not bother a male boss, but could be construed as offensive by a female boss. Don’t use sexist words around her. Better yet, weed them out of your vocabulary totally for good measure.

3. Be honest and express your views in a polite but dignified manner. The good thing about having a female boss is that most women are good listeners, particularly if you present your case in an inoffensive manner.

4. Work hard and be diligent. Coming to work late and not doing what you’re supposed to do are definite ways to raise her ire. Women are less forgiving if reasons for absences and tardiness are not due to uncontrollable situations (like morning sickness, children or family concerns, etc.). They would never accept a hangover or a late night as a legitimate excuse.